The Canary Islands own an important crafts and arts tradition and Atelier cocktail bar has decided to pay tribute to those artisans devoted to keeping traditions alive on the Canary Islands’ day. 

Our philosophy is based on the awareness of the local products and the reality behing these products. There is always a story behind, passion, tradition and the human touch sorrounding the products. These are values also shared by Atelier.

There has always been a strong relationship between rum and the Canary Islands as the first sugar canes planted in America were sent from the Islands during the second trip by Christopher Columbus to the new World in 1493. As a result, the first plants were already growing in January 1494. In order to learn more about this tradition, the Atelier team traveled to the wonderful island of La Palma during the harvesting period to see in person how Ron Aldea, led by the 4th generation of Family Quevedo still keep the spirit of tradition and respect towards the first masters. 

Raimondo Palomba, founder and manager of Atelier has decided to commemorate the Canary Islands’ day through different actions based on the idea of “crafts and tradition in the Canaries”. He has created two special cocktails aged six months in barrels made from Ron Aldea, a distillate obtained from the sugar cane spirits.

Spiced&Aged Single cane Sazerac

(Aged Agricole Martinez)

Aged Agricole Martinez

(Spiced&Aged Single cane Sazerac)

Moreover, on May 23rd the team was proud to welcome Santiago Bronchales (master rum-maker) and Elías Fernández (master cigar maker) who delighted the public during their masterclass where the best rums and cigars were tasted.



After the masterclass, Elías Fernández showed how the cigars from La Palma are traditionally made.

Raimondo Palomba and his team keep the soul of the artisan and propose a space where different arts come together: mixology, kitchen, confectionery and crafts joining and creating “a new and different point of view”.