We acquire a fair idea of our surroundings from the time we are born. Our lives are made up of experiences and emotions such as trips, places, songs, films, books, works, people and events that fill our emotional suitcase and often have an influence on our mood through memories and thoughts.

Most of us love the smell of coffee in the morning and find the colour of watermelon or the texture of a flan attractive. It is our brain that enables us to enjoy surprises, to prefer one drink to another, to hate spinach but on the other hand to find chocolate cake delicious, we can ́t resist the smell of popcorn on walking into the cinema and brick pack orange juice reminds us of childhood day trips.

Diary of a Bartender VOL II is a compilation of experiences and emotions that are part of the collective consciousness, because we all have something in common: the emotions that are present in our lives, regardless of nationality, age or experience.

I hope this Diary, which is the result of the work and passion of the Atelier team, makes you smile and touches you just as much or more than it did us.

Raimondo Palomba, Bar manager


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