The creative talent of Raimondo Palomba (bar manager of Atelier) together with the recognized pastry chef Ricard Martínez (Espai Sucre, Barcelona), has resulted in the creation of our new cocktail menu “Harmonĭa”; an adventure of two worlds -mixology and high pastry- united by the passion of creating emotions and provoke experiences.

The word harmony comes from the Latin«harmonĭa», which derives from the Greek«Aρμονία», meaning arms (joint, shoulders). It comes from the -ar root that means union, disposition, also common to art and arithmetic. Harmony is found in music, in words, in relationships, in colours, in movement, in voices, in writing, in the manner of dressing, in calligraphy and in any other facet of beauty that life presents us with; it is a sublime concept. It is not just emotional and intimate harmony, it is not just a union of purposes or an alliance; neither is it just a refined proportion or a careful combination among different elements.

Harmony is like the perfect union of beams that make up a ship as a whole, a ship that has an end and that is able to sail with the voluntary disposition of each piece, responding calmly and elegantly to the fury of the elements of the sea. Harmony emerges when there is balance, the right proportion, concordance and reciprocity between one thing and another. When it emerges it is pleasing to the senses; to the sight, using the right combination of colours or, to taste, after eating a delicious chocolate cake.


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